Keep Growing


  • Image of Keep Growing

Digital Illustration
By Elno

Limited Edition Print/ Serie of 20
Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo paper
40cm x 40cm

Printed by order

The goddess of growth breathes deeply, giving us on each exhalation the purity of nature, which constantly grows to fill us with life.
She is the mother of everything that is born and dies, Pacha mama has always been on earth nursing her children and maintaining the right balance of all living beings.
We all have that goddess alive within us, knowing, accepting and honouring the divine being that inhabits everyone and everything, will make us reach a higher level of consciousness and vibration where the human being will amplify his/her/their capacities in order to bring a more constant balance in the universe.

My work has a deep inspiration in that natural force that governs and moves everything, to which we are deeply connected, it is the space where we find refuge and where we recharge our vital energy synchronizing ourselves with love, compassion and universal consciousness.